martedì 21 agosto 2012

Sardinia: friends, sun, thoughts

After the workshop

Last may I was lucky enough to visit Cagliari. Even if my mom was born there I never had the chance to visit it...

It is amazing to see how Sicily and Sardinia are two sister islands, not only in the color of the sea or the trees - those that remind me so much of "my" land - but also in people... Maybe it is because of my half-sardines origins, but it really was as if I were with close friends, with a not-so-far part of my family.
So, between a visit to the city and a few hours of hard training, I had time to think about an hot topic that I drag behind for a bit of time: improvisation and dancing.
Too often I found myself on stage immersed in the most chaotic thoughts. What is Art? Where the creative act can take place except on a blank page, "the order that comes from the chaos" ... So I finally found the piece I needed to finish the puzzle: improvisation can be a creative act fully and deeply engaging, we only have to "turn off our brain".

As in meditation, when thoughts move no longer unaware but conveyed in a continuously calm stream , so the dance can turn into a "vacuum that fills", a practical meditation, a movement that creates.
The only difficulty lies in trying to curb fears, anxieties and concerns that are transformed into thoughts and chaos ...

A goal complicated, I admit it, but certainly it is worth to devote oneself!

As I continue to work on this idea, here's what came out during Cagliari's Hafla (thanks to Stefania for the video!)

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