lunedì 10 settembre 2012

Back to the future

Well yes, finally back home. I have a bag full of memories and new projects, and so much love into my heart.
These days in Budapest and Viareggio were simply amazing. So many beautiful dancers from all over the world, so much good dancing energy and so many unexpected blessings. I feel inspired in a way that I never felt before, and I'm so truly happy - with a drop of melancholia that always accompanies my returning home...

In Budapest I had the chance to visit and dance in such an inspiring and "odd in a good way" place: the Szimpla club! 

A few pics from that night...

Violet in our dressing room

Mardi and Doriana playing 

beautiful crazy people

Giuliana's awesomeness

More Budapest and Viareggio:

somewhere in Budapest

vintage postcards from the flea market

"the little train of the heart" in Viareggio

Violet and Daria in "that phantomesque night"

still Violet and Daria (but never enough)

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